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Foto’s | Stephany’s Black Styles Weekend

26 september, 2014

Blackstyles weekend02Hi there,
If you visited my blog regularly, you’ll know I never blog in English because Dutch is my main language. And my English isn’t perfect. I Decided to write this post in English for those who I met at the Stephany’s Black Styles Weekend in Rotterdam. I was surprised that there were so many hair brands, skin care brands, Makeup brands and Hairdressers. I most enjoyed the first catwalk show. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to enjoy the following catwalk shows. But I got the opportunity to make some picture backstage. If you see your picture below, send me an email to and then I’ll send your pictures through email. It will be easier for me if you send the picture you saw in this post. So I’ll know which picture I have to send to you. Beside these pictures I made a vlog for my YouTube-Channel called HairCrushNL. I’m not satisfied with the entire vlog, but it’s something hahaha. I hope you’ll enjoy this entire post.
Thanks for reading.

Much Love,



The beautiful Tyeisha demonstrating how to do a headwrap. I really love the end result. For more inspiring pictures you kan follow her on Instagram @Kiyanawraps.

BSW 26

BSW 02

BSW 03

BSW 04Then I got the change to try out a new hair and skin care product brand called Aïcha, this is also the name of the founder of this brand. She put hair serum in my weave. After a few hours my weave still felt soft and there were no tangle. So I decided to buy the serum. It will also be ideal for my natural 4c hair. But I’ll see…

BSW 05

BSW 06

My friend Christel fell in love with this beautiful bag made of leather and African prints. But the price… This gorgeous bag was handmade by designer Rooi. For more gorgeous designed creations, you can follow him in Instagram @Roooiofficial.

BSW 25

BSW 07

BSW 08

And suddenly there was Double Beauty, a dutch brand that is founded by twin sisters. I’m really fan of their exclusive Monoï Oil. For more you can follow them on instagram @doublebeautynl.

BSW 09

Shows of hairdressers and their own brand. unfortunately, I didn’t had time to watch them all.

BSW 11

Are you familiar with this makeup brand? I didn’t had the time to spoke with the founder. But I can tell that their makeup is highly pigmented and the prices seems very budget. I forgot to make pictures of the “swatches” I did on my hand.


There were different fashion- and hair shows

BSW 13

BSW 14 BSW 15

Joy Pido and me. She’s doing tutorials on the YouTube-Channel WorldOfBraiding.BSW 16

Some pictures I made backstage.BSW 17

BSW 18

BSW 19

BSW 20

The host of the catwalk asked who wasn’t afraid to walk the catwalk a do three poses. For that she promised a goodybag. This felt like a challange to me, so I went on the stage. Instead of walking the catwalk I start dancing when I heard the music LOL, I love dancing. I gave the goodybag to my little niece, who was also there. Because I already had one. BSW 21

When I am at events I always see lots of demonstration, hair and beauty products for women. It seems like the men are forgotten. But there was a live show where a lot of men cut and styled there hair by this amazing barber. BSW 22

The hair of this young man. Gorgeous!BSW 23

BSW 24

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